This Week in Science

Yevgeniya Nusinovich, Caroline Ash, Phil Szuromi, Brent Grocholski, Leslie Vosshall, Valda Vinson, Yury Suleymanov, Stella M. Hurtley, Keith T. Smith, Michael A. Funk, Marc S. Lavine, Gemma Alderton (+3 others)
2020 Science  
Vibrational energy transfer (VET) between solute molecules is generally unfavorable in liquids because of weak intermolecular forces. Xiang et al. measured the two-dimensional infrared spectrum of a molecular mixture, W(CO) 6 and W( 13 CO) 6 , with saturated concentrations in a binary solvent embedded in an optical microcavity. This experiment showed that the VET between the asymmetric stretch vibrations of two solute molecules is enhanced via polaritonic intermediate states formed by a strong
more » ... oupling with the cavity mode. The efficiency is modulated by the cavity lifetime, which provides an CORONAVIRUS
doi:10.1126/science.2020.368.6491.twis fatcat:n6l6zty3ijaojf4qq5rih6nbke