Measuring Fluid Level through a Recalibrating-Free Hough Transform Methodology

Marcelo Flores, Cabral Lima, Antonio Thomé, Adriano Cruz, Adriana Soares
2015 Computer Science and Engineering  
Fluid level monitoring is an important control process in engineering systems. The level measurement of fluids having changeable densities is a complex task. Most measurement methodologies use sensors that are periodically paused for recalibrations. For flammable liquids, this may be unsafe and even dangerous. This paper proposes a safe recalibrating-free computer-based methodology for measurement of fluid levels, which is based on Hough transform, image processing and normalization. This paper
more » ... also describes experiments using a prototype of a distillation unit that was built especially to test the proposed methodology. The results from these experiments have demonstrated robustness, low-cost and suitability of the methodology for real crude oil level measurement in distillation processes.
doi:10.5923/ fatcat:ob47glp2grenzk6bqzjuxbqcva