Enhanced Matching and Vialess Decoupling of Nearby Patch Antennas for MIMO System

Amir Alizadeh Ghannad, Mohsen Khalily, Pei Xiao, Rahim Tafazolli, Ahmed A. Kishk
2019 IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters  
Simultaneous improvement of matching and isolation for a modified two-element microstrip patch antenna array is proposed. Two simple patch antennas in a linear array structure are designed, whereas, the impedance matching and isolation are improved without using any conventional matching networks. The presented low profile multifunctional via-less structure comprises of only two narrow T-shaped stubs connected to feed lines, a narrow rectangular stub between them, and a narrow rectangular slot
more » ... n the ground plane. This design provides a simple, compact structure with low mutual coupling, low cost and no adverse effects on the radiation and resonance. To validate the design, a compact very-closely-spaced antenna array prototype is fabricated at 5.5 GHz which is suitable for multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The measured and simulated results are in good agreement with a 16 dB, and 40 dB of improvements in the matching and isolation, respectively. Index Terms-Multiple-input and multiple output (MIMO), array antenna, isolation, matching.
doi:10.1109/lawp.2019.2906308 fatcat:kdlvb2t7hvbvnmr56glw2hp47e