Absorbing properties of CIPs coatings and oxides modified by selective surface technology

ZHOU Li, LIU Ting, ZHENG Dian-liang, XU Yong-gang
2019 Journal of Materials Engineering  
The periodic structure coating maintenance process based on the selective surface was proposed. The coating of oxidized Fe and carbonyl iron particles (CIPs) was obtained by the corrosion method. The morphology of particles after corrosion was characterized by the scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The permittivity and permeability of the absorber adding the hybrid particles were tested in 8-18GHz, and the oxidized coating parameter could be calculated using the effective medium rule. Effects
more » ... f the corrosion process and the maintenance process were analysed. The results show that as the CIPs oxidized in the coating surface, the coating's absorbing property was weakened as the oxidization thickness is increased, and the increment value of reflection loss (RL) is about 2dB. When the coating thickness is set as 0.8mm, the maintenance performance is unsuitable. However, if the coating thickness is increased to 1mm and the oxidization thickness is 0.1mm, the maintenance performance is improved, then the absorbing band can be widened in 10-18GHz and the RL decrement is about 2dB correspondingly.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2018.000943 doaj:16a4a4fa50334dcfb2530bd7dba6db80 fatcat:mm3olh4blfhs5d2tvbbatxbhia