First Version Of Low-Level Core Transport System

Naeem Khademi, Zdravko Bozakov, Anna Brunstrom, Dragana Damjanovic, Kristian Riktor Evensen, Gorry Fairhurst, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Tom Jones, Simone Mangiante, Giorgos Papastergiou, David Ros, Michael Tüxen (+1 others)
2016 Zenodo  
This document presents the first version of the low-level Core Transport System in NEAT, to be used for development of a reference implementation of the NEAT System. The design of this core transport system takes into consideration the Transport Services and the API defined in Task 1.3 and in close coordination with the overall architecture (Task 1.2). To realise the basic Transport Services provided by the API, a set of low-level transport functionalities has to be provided by the NEAT core
more » ... nsport system. These functionalities take the form of several building blocks, or NEAT Components, each representing an associated implementation activity. Some of the components are needed to ensure the basic opera- tion of the NEAT System—e.g., a NEAT Flow Endpoint, a callback-based NEAT API Framework, the NEAT Logic and the functionality to Connect to a name. Some other components are needed to ensure connectivity using Middlebox Traversal techniques (e.g., TURN), discovery of path support for different transport protocols using Happy Eyeballs mechanisms, offering end-to-end Security (e.g., (D)TLS over transport), gather statistics for the users or system administrators, and the ability to apply different policies in order to influence the decision-making process of the transport system. This document describes each of these building blocks and related design choices.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1216113 fatcat:h7prfinqdvbefkvqwivwnkg3hm