Query optimization in the presence of limited access patterns

Daniela Florescu, Alon Levy, Ioana Manolescu, Dan Suciu
1999 SIGMOD record  
We consider the problem of query optimization in the presence of limitations on access patterns to the data (i.e., when one must provide values for one of the attributes of a relation in order to obtain triples). We show that in the presence of limited access patterns we must search a space of annotated query plans, where the annotations describe the inputs that must be given to the plan. We describe a theoretical and experimental analysis of the resulting search space and a novel query
more » ... tion algorithm that is designed to perform well under the different conditions that may arise. The algorithm searches the set of annotated query plans, pruning invalid and non-viable plans as early as possible in the search space, and it also uses a best-first search strategy in order to produce a first complete plan early in the search. We describe experiments to illustrate the performance of our algorithm.
doi:10.1145/304181.304210 fatcat:y66a2jp5czgljbprzbozkpt4va