Study on Huge Type of Invasive Pituitary Adenoma through Frontotemporal Orbital Zygomatic into The Applied Anatomy Study of the Road

Cailian Ruan, Tao Xue, Yuanyuan Xie
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Computer Science   unpublished
To explore the type giant invasive pituitary adenomas by frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the applied anatomy study of the road.Methods: 15 cases of pituitary adenomas in frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the anatomy of the application of the road.Put the 15 cases of skull in it for fixed and Ma Linzhong side of 30 samples, adopts the frontotemporal orbital zygomatic approach surgery for each specimen microdissection. By adopting the retrospective summary of frontotemporal
more » ... mporal microdissection orbital zygomatic type into the road treatment in giant invasive pituitary adenomas in the anatomical study 5 patients of our hospital is for surgery. Results: through the specimen of microdissection combining retrospective data, you can see that in the stage of epidural want from multiple clearance to know pituitary adenoma resection of the tumor needs growth direction.Resection of giant invasive pituitary adenomas should be combined with epidural cavernous wall into the road, in order to achieve the goal of excision.In 5 patients, all 3 cases, all cut in 1 case, partial resection in 1 case., according to the conclusion: the surgery for patients with invasive pituitary adenomas huge watch can use frontotemporal orbital zygomatic approach surgery for targeted treatment, and can completely proper cutting according to patients condition, to the health of the patients to provide more opportunities.
doi:10.2991/icamcs-16.2016.1 fatcat:huxak4ogojbgdh6nu5clwkdqbe