Palm Oil Politics in the Regent Election of Nagan Raya Aceh 2017

Vellayati Hajad
2017 PCD Journal  
This paper discusses palm oil politics in the local election of Nagan Raya Aceh. Palm oil politics is a term describing interaction patterns between toke (palm oil landowners and palm oil plants) and workers (most of them are labour) in palm oil plantation area. Nagan Raya is one of the main palm oil producers. There are at least 190.000 Ha managed by more than 18 companies and proprietorships. This study is conducted to investigate issues and behaviour of toke sawit and workers in patronage
more » ... work working among them. Toke sawit provides jobs. In return, the workers give their loyalty including supporting and voting for a toke sawit in elections (if the toke becomes a candidate). There are two types of toke in local elections or pilkada; toke as a candidate and toke as a candidate supporter. They join forces in politics because they want government to give business license at ease, expand their business and avoid responsibilities for environmental damages that they cause. Based on analysis results, three behavior patterns are found, namely: a toke is involved in politics by being or not being a Nagan Raya Regent candidate, mobilization of workers (labour), and reinforcement of land conversion and deforestation issues.
doi:10.22146/pcd.28714 fatcat:xjwp4fcbnre2fnenmeuwatxy74