VIII.—Some Additions to the Biographies of Sir John Cheke and Sir Thomas Smith: in a Letter addressed to Charles Henry Cooper, Esq., F.S.A., one of the Authors of the Athenæ Cantabrigienses

John Gough Nichols
1860 Archaeologia  
Every cultivator of our national biography and literary antiquities must rejoice at the appearance of the first volume of the Athense Cantabrigienses. That a work which was so obviously suggested nearly two centuries ago by the Athense of the sister University, which has been contemplated by so many successive collectors, and for which such large, though imperfect, accumulations have been formed, should, in spite of ever-increasing difficulties, at length greet our view in substantial paper and
more » ... bstantial paper and print, is a victory over old Time of which any generation may fairly be proud; and I therefore cannot be thought to magnify its accomplishment too highly if, on this first public allusion to the work at the Society of Antiquaries, I hail its authors as conquerors who have overtaken the spoiler, and recovered from his grasp some of his most estimable treasures.
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