Toxins from cyanophytes belonging to the scytonemataceae

R. E. Moore, G. M. L. Patterson, J. S. Mynderse, Joseph Barchi, T. R. Norton, Eiichi Furusawa, Shinobu Furusawa
1986 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Two highly cytotoxic substances, scytophycins A and B, have been isolated from cultured Scitonema pseudohofmanni. Gross structures are proposed for scytophycins A and B, mostly on the basis of nuclear magnetic resonance spectral studies. The scytophycins are structurally related to tolytoxin, a toxic lipid found in field-collected Tolypothrix conglutinata var. colorata, another blue-green alga belonging to the family Scytonemataceae. At sublethal doses the scytophycins display moderate activity
more » ... y moderate activity against P-388 lymphocytic leukemia and Lewis lung carcinoma in mice.
doi:10.1351/pac198658020263 fatcat:ptu3jcu2lzcbzeihomkvmtas4e