A Physically Based Two-Dimensional Infiltration Model for Furrow Irrigation

Cristopher J. SkonardDerrel L. Martin
2002 2002 Chicago, IL July 28-31, 2002   unpublished
A two-dimensional physically based infiltration model was developed for furrow irrigation. Infiltration was simulated using the Green-Ampt infiltration method. The Green-Ampt infiltration parameters are available from numerous sources, unlike the Kostiakov infiltration parameters. Simulation tests showed the two-dimensional model capable of estimating cumulative infiltration volume within 8% compared to simulated infiltration using the finite element model, Hydrus-2D. Application of the
more » ... tion of the two-dimensional model in a surface irrigation advance model allows irrigation performance parameters to be predicted without extensive soil experiments.
doi:10.13031/2013.11688 fatcat:4pslvtokprcwvcizubyknio4fi