S.Ye. Leschuk
2016 Ukraïnsʹkij stomatologìčnij alʹmanah  
Nowadays it is known that health education dissemination combines medical and hygienic knowledge because education in public hygiene habits in order to preserve and strengthen health and improve health culture is one of the main methods of prevention of dental diseases. It is proved that there is a direct link between insufficient knowledge of hygiene and dental status. In the prevention of dental caries in children weighing place rational and balanced diet place an important role, which
more » ... to the endogenous factors of teeth resistant to adverse factors. In the development of dental caries an important role belong to the excessive carbohydrate intake, contributing to metabolic disorders in the body and in solid tissues, respectively. The excessive consumption of sweets, in turn, negatively affects the structure of hard tissues of children. It is known that there is a relationship between the state of oral and somatic pathology of various origins. One of the most common diseases of childhood diseases of allergic genesis is asthma. Treatment of asthma involves the oral administration of ?-adreno-blockers and inhalator of glucocorticosteroids that is certainly reflected in the composition and properties of oral fluid and, as a result, in oral hygiene. Therefore, the study of hygiene knowledge and dietary habits in children with asthma is quite important as promote the prevention of dental diseases in those children. The aim of the study is to evaluate the level of hygiene knowledge of children with asthma. Results.172 children aged 7, 12 and 15 years were examined for the evaluation the level of hygiene knowledge. To study the hygiene knowledge in the children surveyed had carried out a survey on questionnaires, in which children answered the following questions: "Do you rinse your mouth after using sprays?", "How many times a day do you brush your teeth?", " How often do you change your toothbrush? ", " How often do you change the toothpaste? ","What kind of food do you like ", «How often do you use [...]
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