Effect of nitrON® cetane-detergent additive to B7 fuel on energy parameters and exhaust gas composition of a 6Dg locomotive with a Caterpillar C27 engine

Jerzy Cisek, Andrzej Borowski, Joanna Całkowska, Łukasz Wichary
2021 Combustion Engines  
In order to avoid the negative effects of increasing the amount of RME in the fuel, the nitrON® package was used, containing 3 different additives: stabilizing, washing and increasing the cetane number of the fuel. The tests were carried out with the use of the Caterpillar C27 engine of the 6Dg locomotive connected to a water resistor. The hourly engine fuel consumption (FC), NOx concentration and exhaust opacity were measured for 3 points of the F test, in accordance with UIC 624. The
more » ... tion of the nitrON® additive in the test fuel was 1500 ppm (v / v). For idling, the reduction in FC value was only 1.5% (in relation to the base fuel), but for a very high engine load and nominal rotational speed, the percentage reduction in FC was as high as 5%. The reduction of NOx concentration for idling (as a result of using nitrON®) was approx. 10%, while for high engine load, the percentage reduction of NOx concentration in the exhaust gas exceeded 15%.
doi:10.19206/ce-140113 fatcat:d75stndoa5e5pcejdvlg4uws64