A first calculation of the η' → π^{0}γγ and η → ηγγ decays

Rafel Escribano
2013 Proceedings of The 7th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics — PoS(CD12)   unpublished
A first calculation of the η → π 0 γγ and η → ηγγ decays The branching ratio of the η → π 0 γγ and η → ηγγ electromagnetic rare decays are calculated within the frameworks of the Linear Sigma Model and Vector Meson Dominance for the corresponding scalar and vector meson exchange contributions. The measured η → π 0 γγ process serves as a test of our approach while the non yet measured η → (π 0 , η)γγ reactions are predicted for the first time. Our prediction for the η → π 0 γγ decay agrees with
more » ... ecent experimental reported values, thus supporting the validity of our framework. Therefore, our predictions for the η → π 0 γγ and η → ηγγ decays should be taken as a first indication of the possible values of the associated branching ratios. We hope these predictions to be interesting and useful for experiments such as KLOE-2, Crystal Ball, WASA, and BES-III where these processes are expected to be measured in the next future.
doi:10.22323/1.172.0035 fatcat:gnlrnnrwpzfunmmskdt4a6i3ke