A review of surgical treatment for migraine headaches

Yan Han, Qing, Qing Liu, Jun
2013 中国现代神经疾病杂志 2013 年 10 月第 13 卷第 10 期 Chin J Contemp Neurol Neurosurg   unpublished
【Abstract】 Migraine headache is the most common type of headache in the clinic. The pain is serious and recurrent. It can affect patients' daily life, work and study, and even lead to depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. Nowadays, the treatment of migraine mostly depends on drugs, which can not completely eliminate migraine. Furthermore, there are many side effects and complications in drug treatment. In order to cure magraine, scholars at home and abroad have actively
more » ... ve actively explored in the surgical treatment of migraine, such as anatomy research and clinical curative effect. The occurrence of migraine is associated with four trigger sites, including supraorbital area, auriculotemporal area, occipital nerve area and intranasal trigger points. By the surgical decompression at the trigger sites, migraine can be cured or alleviated.