Erratum: Coupling ofK¯*Nto theΛ(1520)[Phys. Rev. C73, 035209 (2006)]

T. Hyodo, Sourav Sarkar, A. Hosaka, E. Oset
2007 Physical Review C  
We study the coupling of the Λ(1520) ≡ Λ * resonance to theK * vector meson and nucleon. This coupling is not directly measured from the resonance decay, but is expected to be important in hyperon production reactions, in particular for the exotic Θ + production. We compute the coupling in two different schemes, one in the chiral unitary model where the Λ * is dominated by the quasibound state of mesons and baryons, and the other in the quark model where the resonance is a p-wave excitation in
more » ... he three valence quarks. Although it is possible to construct both models such that they reproduce theKN and πΣ decays, there is a significant difference between the Λ * K * N couplings in the two models. In the chiral unitary model |g Λ * K * N | ∼ 1.5, while in the quark model |g Λ * K * N | ∼ 10. The difference of the results stems from the different structure of the Λ * in both models, and hence, an experimental determination of this coupling would shed light on the nature of the resonance.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.75.029901 fatcat:7l2g3f7zyzc5pkg4vlhyegknqq