Symplectic Integration and Nonlinear Dynamic Symmetry Breaking of Frames

S.G. Mao, A.Y.T. Leung
1995 Shock and Vibration  
An accurate beam finite element is used to solve nonlinear vibration of arched beams and framed structures. The nonlinear governing equations of a skeletal structure are integrated numerically using symplectic integration schemes so that the Poincaré integral invariant of a Hamiltonian flow are preserved during the evolution. The element stiffness matrices are not required to be assembled into global form, because the integration is completed on an element level so that many elements can be
more » ... elements can be handled in core by a small computer. Testing examples include arched beams and frames with and without damping in free and forced vibration. The dynamic symmetry breaking phenomena are noted at the dynamic buckling point.
doi:10.1155/1995/671835 fatcat:f3vdexgdordjrh5vjd7hx6nrjm