Pertanian Menurut Perspektif As-Sunnah: Tinjauan Umum Pemikiran dan Sumbangan Tokoh-Tokoh Ilmuwan Islam

Syed Najihuddin Syed Hassan, Zulhilmi Mohamed Nor, Nidzamuddin Zakaria, Abdulloh Salaeh
2021 Journal Of Hadith Studies  
Engaging in the agricultural sector is Islamic demand. Rasulullah PBUH's suggestion clearly emphasizes the importance of this sector in prospering the greenery of this earth. This article collected several hadiths related to agriculture that explain the benefits of agriculture from the perspective of al-sunnah and its management, agriculture as an economic driver and the challenges of implementing al-sunnah recommendations in the era of globalization. Besides, this article also highlights some
more » ... slamic scholars who made significant contributions in the field of agriculture, namely al-Dinawari, Ibn Sina, Ibn Sidah, Ibn al-Rumiyyah and Ibn al-Baitar. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze the collected study text. The main objective of this paper is to list the hadiths related to agricultural incentives as well as to present to the community that Islam since the heyday of Islamic civilization has emphasized the aspect of agriculture as one of the main sources of economy. Therefore, it is hoped that this article can contribute to the replenishment of human capital in the agricultural sector. This is further strengthened by the recommendations of the Malaysian government which places great emphasis on the agricultural sector.
doi:10.33102/johs.v6i2.151 fatcat:kurpegtawzg5ngtgojf6cj3yb4