Comparison of experimental competitive-exclusion cultures for controlling Salmonella colonization in broiler chicks

Liliana Revolledo, Claudete Serrano Astolfi Ferreira, Antonio José Piantino Ferreira
2003 Brazilian Journal of Microbiology  
The efficacy of three different types of experimental competitive exclusion (CE-A, CE-B and CE-C) cultures against Salmonella Kedougou (SK) NCTC 12173, resistant to nalidixic-acid resistant (Nal R ), in one-day-old broiler chicks, in four treatments with three replicates in each treatment, was evaluated. The mean logarithmic counts of Salmonella program of feces were 0.4 L in the group treated with CE-A, derived from the whole cecal contents of an adult bird with a mixture of aerobic and
more » ... ic bacterial cultures; 1.22 in the group treated with CE-B, containing aerobic bacterial culture; 1.00 in the group treated with CE-C, containing anaerobic bacterial culture; and 6.64 in the control group. The percentage of colonized birds varied from 10% to 26.66% in the treated groups and was 63.33% in the control group. A good protection (76.66% to 90%) was obtained in all treatments whereas lower protection was verified with experimental products containing only aerobic or anaerobic cultures. These results showed that a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic cultures can be effective for reducing SK colonization in broiler chicks.
doi:10.1590/s1517-83822003000400014 fatcat:bm5gtq63pvctjnrox2xwe4klna