QAlign: quality-based multiple alignments with dynamic phylogenetic analysis

M. Sammeth, J. Rothganger, W. Esser, J. Albert, J. Stoye, D. Harmsen
2003 Bioinformatics  
Integrating different alignment strategies, a layout editor and tools deriving phylogenetic trees in a 'multiple alignment environment' helps to investigate and enhance results of multiple sequence alignment by hand. QAlign combines algorithms for fast progressive and accurate simultaneous multiple alignment with a versatile editor and a dynamic phylogenetic analysis in a convenient graphical user interface. Availability: QAlign is freely available over the internet at
more » ... / The platform-independent JAVA technology used provides distributions for various operating systems and hardware architectures.
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btg197 pmid:12912847 fatcat:622zfla6qrcx3i2iay5m45aqrq