'Leaving the Fold': Apostasy from Fundamentalism and the Direction of Religious Development

Raoul J. Adam
2009 Australian Religion Studies Review  
This paper re-examines the direction of religious development implicit in Piagetian-based theories in light of a recent study of apostasy from fundamentalism. The theory-led and inductive thematic analysis of apostate narratives reveals evidence of a 'sociocognitive conflict' that complicates the implicit teleology of traditional theories of religious development. The diverse trajectories produced by this interaction between sociocultural and cognitive influences prompts a fresh analysis of
more » ... rd Gruber's question concerning the direction of development: Which way is up? I highlight the complex interaction between cultural and cognitive influences involved in apostasy from fundamentalism and provide support for Streib's Religious Styles Perspective as a theory for investigating multiple factors influencing the conceptualisation and direction of religious development.
doi:10.1558/arsr.v22i1.42 fatcat:xdsrzrxgz5cgtjjgpbozwuj2da