Comparative Study of Efficacy of Combination of Valenthamate Bromide &Buscopan with Drotavarine Hydrochloride on Cervical Dilatation in Active Labour

Dr.I. Naga Prathyusha, Dr.B.Shilpa Shivanna, Dr.K Subbappa, Dr.N Gopal
2014 IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences  
Prolonged labour contributes to increased perinatal and maternal morbidity.Various drugs have been tried to hasten the cervical dilatation, so that problems and hazards of prolonged labourare minimized. Aim of the study is1)To compare the efficacy of combination of valenthemate bromideandbuscopanvsdrotavarine hydrochloride on cervical dilatation in active labour.2)To compare the duration of active phase of labour, 3) To see for associated complications like cervical tears.100 women with full
more » ... women with full term singleton pregnancy were included in the studywith gestational age 37-42 weeks with , cephalic presentation in active labour. Cases were divided into 2 groups, group A 50 cases-labour accelerated by drotine and group B 50 cases-labour accelerated by combination of epidosine&buscopan.Mean duration of active phase of 1 st stage of labour was 3 hrs 11 min indrotinegroup and 4 hrs 16 min inepidosine&buscopan group. Mean rate of cervical dilatation according to active phase of 1 st stage was 1.97 cm/hr in drotine group and 1.45 cm/hr inepidosine + buscopan group. The difference between the two groups is significant ( p< 0.01 ), thus it is concluded that drotine hastened the rate of cervical dilatation.
doi:10.9790/0853-131052729 fatcat:lj4dp4h2k5frpoimrzuqojvgvm