Unsupervised Text Topic-Related Gene Extraction for Large Unbalanced Datasets

2020 Tehnički Vjesnik  
There is a common notion that traditional unsupervised feature extraction algorithms follow the assumption that the distribution of the different clusters in a dataset is balanced. However, feature selection is guided by the calculation of similarities among features when topic keywords are extracted from a large number of unmarked, unbalanced text datasets. As a result, the selected features cannot truly reflect the information of the original data set, which thus affects the subsequent
more » ... ance of classifiers. To solve this problem, a new method of extracting unsupervised text topic-related genes is proposed in this paper. Firstly, a sample cluster group is obtained by factor analysis and a density peak algorithm, based on which the dataset is marked. Then, considering the influence of the unbalanced distribution of sample clusters on feature selection, the CHI statistical matrix feature selection method, which combines average local density and information entropy together, is used to strengthen the features of low-density small-sample clusters. Finally, a related gene extraction method based on the exploration of high-order relevance in multidimensional statistical data is described, which uses independent component analysis to enhance the generalisability of the selected features. In this way, unsupervised text topic-related genes can be extracted from large unbalanced datasets. The results of experiments suggest that the proposed method of extracting unsupervised text topic-related genes is better than existing methods in extracting text subject terms from low-density small-sample clusters, and has higher prematurity and feature dimension-reduction ability.
doi:10.17559/tv-20191111095139 fatcat:rmrafzdjc5c4ljhzyfuioylbfa