Design Through Common Graph Representations

Offer Shai
2003 Volume 3b: 15th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology   unpublished
Current paper introduces a new technique that enables to solve design problems through their discrete mathematical models called -graph representations. When different engineering fields are represented by the same (common) graph representation, channels for knowledge transformation are paved between these fields. Current paper employs these knowledge transformation channels for design, by transforming a design problem into a design problem in another (secondary) engineering domain. Then, a
more » ... ch is performed in the secondary domain for existent solution. Once such solution is found, it is transformed back to the original domain through the same graph representation based channel. The paper provides a thorough design case study demonstrating the idea behind the proposed technique.
doi:10.1115/detc2003/dtm-48659 fatcat:auoiw5fcovavzgxy2aoiihbggi