Conversational AI over Military Scenarios Using Intent Detection and Response Generation

Hsiu-Min Chuang, Ding-Wei Cheng
2022 Applied Sciences  
With the rise of artificial intelligence, conversational agents (CA) have found use in various applications in the commerce and service industries. In recent years, many conversational datasets have becomes publicly available, most relating to open-domain social conversations. However, it is difficult to obtain domain-specific or language-specific conversational datasets. This work focused on developing conversational systems based on the Chinese corpus over military scenarios. The soldier will
more » ... need information regarding their surroundings and orders to carry out their mission in an unfamiliar environment. Additionally, using a conversational military agent will help soldiers obtain immediate and relevant responses while reducing labor and cost requirements when performing repetitive tasks. This paper proposes a system architecture for conversational military agents based on natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG). The NLU phase comprises two tasks: intent detection and slot filling. Detecting intent and filling slots involves predicting the user's intent and extracting related entities. The goal of the NLG phase, in contrast, is to provide answers or ask questions to clarify the user's needs. In this study, the military training task was when soldiers sought information via a conversational agent during the mission. In summary, we provide a practical approach to enabling conversational agents over military scenarios. Additionally, the proposed conversational system can be trained by other datasets for future application domains.
doi:10.3390/app12052494 fatcat:cndhbcko5vehfb44y2eiqyrbe4