Effective routing design for remote entanglement generation on quantum networks

Changhao Li, Tianyi Li, Yi-Xiang Liu, Paola Cappellaro
2021 npj Quantum Information  
AbstractQuantum network is a promising platform for many ground-breaking applications that lie beyond the capability of its classical counterparts. Efficient entanglement generation on quantum networks with relatively limited resources such as quantum memories is essential to fully realize the network's capabilities, the solution to which calls for delicate network design and is currently at the primitive stage. In this study we propose an effective routing scheme to enable automatic responses
more » ... utomatic responses for multiple requests of entanglement generation between source-terminal stations on a quantum lattice network with finite edge capacities. Multiple connection paths are exploited for each connection request while entanglement fidelity is ensured for each path by performing entanglement purification. The routing scheme is highly modularized with a flexible nature, embedding quantum operations within the algorithmic workflow, whose performance is evaluated from multiple perspectives. In particular, three algorithms are proposed and compared for the scheduling of capacity allocation on the edges of quantum network. Embodying the ideas of proportional share and progressive filling that have been well-studied in classical routing problems, we design another scheduling algorithm, the propagatory update method, which in certain aspects overrides the two algorithms based on classical heuristics in scheduling performances. The general solution scheme paves the road for effective design of efficient routing and flow control protocols on applicational quantum networks.
doi:10.1038/s41534-020-00344-4 fatcat:yemmaukj4banpglfabqgvmaun4