Review on Reversed-phase High-performance Liquid Chromatography Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Rivaroxaban

Miss. J. V. More
2021 Zenodo  
This review article is proposed to underline method for the development by reversed-phase highperformance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) and validation of rivaroxaban in individual and pharmaceutical dosage form. Rivaroxaban is an anti-clotting drug, acts on Factor Xa, and stops the blood clot development. In this study, different types of RP-HPLC methods which are available at present for the determination of rivaroxaban in tablets (Xarelto 10 mg) are studied. There are different types of the
more » ... ferent types of the methods described for the estimation of this drug such as RP-HPLC, ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), and ultraviolet. However, nowadays, RP-HPLC plays a key role in quantitative determination of drug. The review is focused on HPLC method development that is previously used for rivaroxaban. Literature study carried on RP-HPLC, high-performance thin-layer chromatography, and UPLC methods of rivaroxaban. The center of study was to develop as well as validate a stable, economic, and rapid. The RP-HPLC method for assessment of rivaroxaban in its bulk formulation. Here, a new aspect for this method was developed which revealed high sensitivity and reproducibility. The developed method by RP-HPLC was validated by guidelines of ICH.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4500602 fatcat:ksi2npdq5faaldbtsjay65du7u