Continuous-time histories: Observables, probabilities, phase space structure and the classical limit

Charis Anastopoulos
2001 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
In this paper we elaborate on the structure of the continuous-time histories description of quantum theory, which stems from the consistent histories scheme. In particular, we examine the construction of history Hilbert space, the identification of history observables and the form of the decoherence functional (the object that contains the probability information). It is shown how the latter is equivalent to the closed-time-path (CTP) generating functional. We also study the phase space
more » ... phase space structure of the theory first through the construction of general representations of the history group (the analogue of the Weyl group) and the implementation of a histories Wigner-Weyl transform. The latter enables us to write quantum theory solely in terms of phase space quantities. These results enable the implementation of an algorithm for identifying the classical (stochastic) limit of a general quantum system.
doi:10.1063/1.1383975 fatcat:rgpioofecrbq3cg55wh2f5yg6e