Phytochemical characteristics of some plants of Northern Mongolia

T. P Antsupova, E. B. Bitueva
2021 Проблемы ботаники Южной Сибири и Монголии  
The article presents the results of determining the content of pectin substances, organic acids and freesugars in 7 species (8 samples) of plants collected in the steppe regions of Northern Mongolia. These are: Armeniaca sibirica(L.) Lam. – siberian apricot, leaves; Artemisia adamsii Bess. – Adams wormwood, aboveground part; Betula fusca Pallasex Georgi - brown birch, leaves; Iris lactea Pallas, milky white iris, leaves; Polygonatum (Aconogonon) divaricatum L. –spreading knotweed (battering
more » ... , leaves and flowers; Thermopsis dahurica Czefr. – Daurian thermopsis, abovegroundpart; Veronica incana L. – gray-haired Veronica, aboveground part. The studied species comprise a significant amountof pectin substances, citric, acetic, lactic and other organic acids, as well as free sugars: glucose, fructose, sucrose. Thequantitative content of these substances has been determined.
doi:10.14258/pbssm.2021005 fatcat:5xmvbxyamngixfcqzs73rxtx3i