G.G. Tulsky, L.V. Lyashok, M.P. Osmanova
2018 Energy Technologies & Resource Saving  
The possibility of chemical and electrochemical dissolution of secondary raw materials on the basis of tungsten carbides electrolytes from solutions of acids HNO3, HCl, H2SO4 has been considered. The influence of nature and concentration of electrolyte on the process of anodic dissolution of the alloy WC–Co has been studied. It has been established that the final product of the dissolution of the WC–Co alloy in acid solutions is the higher tungsten oxide WO3. The reduction of the
more » ... the electrochemical process efficiency in the series HNO3 + HF > HCl > H2SO4 has been shown. In order to obtain tungsten carbide or tungsten powder, during the electrochemical treatment of the WC–Co alloy, the introduction of an admixture-reductant in a solution of sulfate acid has been proposed for the preparation of tungsten powder. On the basis of the conducted studies, a working electrolyte has been selected which allows to obtain the target product WC or W. Bibl. 10, Fig. 6.
doi:10.33070/etars.4.2018.07 fatcat:xxgkw3txkzepzdftazrmeqmhwi