Prior Immunotherapy [entry]

National Cancer Institute
2020 Definitions   unpublished
Originally, therapeutic administration of serum or gamma globulin containing preformed antibodies produced by another individual; currently, immunotherapy includes nonspecific systemic stimulation, adjuvants, active specific immunotherapy, and adoptive immunotherapy. New forms of immunotherapy include the use of monoclonal antibodies. T his approach has been widely adopted by cancer specialists, often in cases which fail to respond to other treatment. Immunotherapy aims to boost immune system
more » ... nction, as with the administration of interferons and interleukin-2, or to attack cancerous cells directly, as with the injection of monoclonal antibodies. Various immunotherapeutic techniques have also been employed among AIDS patients. In addition, a number of alternative medical practices are claimed to enhance immune function, and various over-the-counter substances (e.g., goldenseal, lysine have gained popularity for this supposed property.
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