An LPV Loop Shaping Controller Design for the NASA-HL-20 Re-Entry Vehicle

Prathyush Menon, Emmanuel Prempain, Ian Postlethwaite, Declan Bates, Samir Bennani
2009 AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference   unpublished
This paper presents a loop shaping LPV controller for the NASA-HL-20 atmospheric reentry vehicle model provided by DEIMOS Space (Spain). The control problem consists of tracking a reference approach trajectory by appropriately controlling the longitudinal motion of the vehicle. The controller is designed using the tools developed at the University of Leicester within phase I of the collaborative LPVMAD project funded by the European Space Agency (LPV Gain Scheduling Techniques for Space
more » ... s for Space Applications). The tools developed at Leicester implement various synthesis algorithms which generalize the well established and well received loop shaping design procedure of McFarlane and Glover to LPV systems. Background theory is introduced and its application to the HL-20 benchmark problem is described in detail. Linear and nonlinear simulations indicate that the LPV flight controller meets tracking and robustness criteria across the full flight envelope. Nomenclature AoA,  = Angle of attack [deg] AoSS, = Location of centre of gravity in the direction of X, Y, and Z axis respectively [m] YY I = Moment of inertia about Y axis [Kg m 2 ] 1 Lecturer, Member AIAA,
doi:10.2514/6.2009-5635 fatcat:kdahvec6lbhnldg5r74elvgj4i