Wideband Digital Channelizer based on Spectrum Sensing

Bindu H M, Kiran A Gupta
2020 2020 Third International Conference on Advances in Electronics, Computers and Communications (ICAECC)  
A Software Defined Radio (SDR) has advanced significantly in all fields including military and mobile communications. In this paper, main requirement of a SDR is presented to effectively channelize the wideband input signal into sub-bands. A channelizer splits a broadband input signal into independent signals. It is one of the most critical component in a communication receiver system. This paper presents an extensive study on different techniques of channelizing and spectrum sensing for
more » ... ve radio. A digital channelizes structure is proposed combining the polyphase analysis filter bank structure with spectrum sensing method. The filter bank is designed for 10Mhz bandwidth with 32 sub-band channels. A 32-point IFFT block is used with both real and imaginary inputs and outputs. The spectrum sensing is based on Eigen value of received signal. The threshold value was found to be ɑ=3.5104 for the Pf = 0.1 and Finv = 0.98, the Eigen values were compared with threshold to make decision. Matlab and Vivado tools are used for simulation. The results obtained have been discussed.
doi:10.1109/icaecc50550.2020.9339512 fatcat:i4hwwskjh5duzihkownf2oukhe