Spectroscopic Identification and Direct Imaging of Interfacial Magnetic Spins

H. Ohldag, T. J. Regan, J. Stöhr, A. Scholl, F. Nolting, J. Lüning, C. Stamm, S. Anders, R. L. White
2001 Physical Review Letters  
Using x-ray absorption spectromicroscopy we have imaged the uncompensated spins induced at the surface of antiferromagnetic (AFM) NiO(100) by deposition of ferromagnetic (FM) Co. These spins align parallel to the AFM spins in NiO(100) and align the FM spins in Co. The uncompensated interfacial spins arise from an ultrathin CoNiO x layer that is formed upon Co deposition through reduction of the NiO surface. The interfacial Ni spins are discussed in terms of the "uncompensated spins" at AFM/FM
more » ... terfaces long held responsible for coercivity increases and exchange bias. We find a direct correlation between their number and the size of the coercivity.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.87.247201 pmid:11736537 fatcat:gnqmlxydm5dldgxjrtxsvx2cpq