Optimization of Ingredient Mixing Ratio for Preparation of Steamed Cake with Mugwort (Pseudosasa japonica Makino) Powder
혼합물 실험계획법에 의한 쑥 첨가 찜 케이크의 최적화

Suk-Tae Oh, Jung-Eun Park
2012 Korean Journal of Food and Cookery Science  
This study examined the optimal ingredient mixing ratio for the preparation of steamed cake containing mugwort (Artemisia princeps var. orientalis) powder. After preliminary studies, the following ingredient ranges were determined; 110∼129% sugar, 3∼8% mugwort powder, 10 ∼25% oil. Among the different mixture designs, the D-optimal design was chosen for analysis. The results of F-test, specific gravity, viscosity, volume and color values (L, a, b), hardness decided a linear model, while the
more » ... ry characteristics (color, taste, texture and overall acceptance) decided a quadratic model. The fitness analysis results showed that in all characteristic, the probabilities were significant within 0.05%; thus, the models were accepted as appropriate. The response surface and trace plot results showed that increasing amounts of mugwort powder decreased the brightness, and increased redness and yellowness. As the level of added oil increased, the softness of the cake increased. Cake samples received low sensory evaluation scores when sugar, mugwort powder, and oil were added above their optimal levels. The optimum formulations by the numerical and graphical methods, were similar, and with the numerical method presented as: sugar, mugwort powder, and oil at 120.7%, 5.1%, and 16.2%, respectively(flour weight basis). The above results demonstrate the feasibility of adding mugwort powder to sponge cake, and therefore, the commercialization of mugwort powder cake marketed as a functional food is deemed possible.
doi:10.9724/kfcs.2012.28.1.067 fatcat:o4c5g4ehangy3imi6xb6elyl6u