An Improved Tent

1889 Scientific American  
horizontal frame of four barfl supported on the poles, An improvement in car brakes, whereby the brake and giving support to a stretched bed bottom fabric. will be automatically applied in case of a collision, and The pairs of poles are connected by a peak block at an improvement in couplings, whereby two opposing each end of the tent, as shown in Fig. 3 , and a ridge cars may be united without the operator passing be-pole may also be used if desired, stakes or pins, and tween the cars, and
more » ... n the cars, and wherein the cars will couple whether the approaching link passes beneath or over the opposing link, are illustrated herewith, and form the subject of two patents granted to Mr. James Mutton, of Frisco, Utah Ter. A trans verse beam projects vertically downward at the rear of the drawbar and in front of the axle, short bars being secured to the floor beams at the rear of this beam, while from the short bars a rectangu lar strap yoke is loosely suspended, having secured to its under side a brake shoe, these shoes being normally held in contact with the wheels by means of an elliptical spring. When the cars are cou pled and drawn ahead, the brake shoes are raised, but with the stoppage of draught on the drawbar the springs act to apply the brakes. In backing, the brake is reversed by means of a suitable brake shaft. In the car coupler, two sets of opposing blocks are secured to the sills on the under surface of the car, there being downwardly extending arms from the forward blocks. A friction roller is journaled in these arms, a link reciprocating between the forward blocks, bearing upon the roller, and having an arrow-like head, while a transverse guide plate is attached to·the inner end of the link, reciprocating in the space between the for -. ward and rear blcicSks. A spring is secured to the upper surface of the link having a bearing against the under surface of the car. AN IMPROVED CRUTCH ATTACHMENT. IIlUTTON'S CAR BRAKE AND COUPLER. stay cords, being also ueed at the sides and ends of the te*t. Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the frame, canvas, and anchor straps at one corner of the tent. By this con!ltruction the occupants of the tent, resting on the bed bottom fabric, help to keep the tent well anchored, while they are supported clear above the ground, and not subject to the inconveniences conse-A crutch having an elastic foot and a spur, either of quent upon sleeping on the earth. which may be adjusted for use alone, as required. is illustrated herewith, and has been patented by Dr. SIRing 'he Sands Cor Valuables. William J. Donald, of Tunnel City, Wis. The socket j A midsummer tide of humanity flowed against the piece fitting the lower end of the crutch is made with. hotel bulwarks at Atlantic City. The ruin-strewed a screw-threaded beach was full of sightseers. There was a curious coin proje � tion having cidenceconnected with thfl trip of one of the yachts. a pointed end, The party was carried by Captain Will Gale in his which serves as yacht Alert. They spoke a trim-looking schooner the spur for the off shore, and the captain inquired after the people in crutch, to be used Atlantic City. In the conversation that followed it was ] for slippery sur -found that the schooner was no other than the Robert faces. Upon this Morgan , which wasbwwn high and dry on shore dur pro j e c t ion i Sing the terrific storm of 1884; and upon which balls and mounted an elasparties were held all of the following season. . tic buffer or foot, A small army of sand sifters were at work on the a screw-threaded beach. Their outflt consisted of a sieve, a shovel, and lug in which ena tin box. They dug the sand from around the posts gages the screwon which the board walk had been laid. After reach threaded projecing a depth of about two feet, the sifters. ran the sand tion, by which the tbrough their sieve. Frequently their efforts were re buffer is a d just · warded by finds of precious stones and jewelry. able up or down To a curious visitor one of the sifters exhibited his on the project Ion. treasure. It comprised diamond pins, a plain gold ring, The buffer is prea dollar gold piece, and a num ber of smaller coins. He ferably for m e d had made a lucky h it in the morning, and was about with a number of $150 better off. He said there were cases where $500 DONALD'S CRUTCH ATTACHIIlENT. sides, so that it had been recovered from the sand in a day, but that will not have to many days were often spent without recovering a dol be handled in interchanging it for use with the spur, lar's worth. The action of the sea washes all particles this being done by simply rolling the foot end upon around the posts along the beach, and the hundreds of the grou nd or floor to screw or unscrew the bu ff er on dollars' worth of jewelry and money lost by the sum the projection, thereby projecting or withdrawing the mer crowds are gathered in by these patient toilers spur. during the cold months.-Philadelphia Record. AN IMPROVED TENT.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01051889-4b fatcat:tgz3qa43rjcu3lxbrlvmf5k7my