A Novel Action Recognition Framework Based on Deep-Learning and Genetic Algorithms

Abdullah Asim Yilmaz, Mehmet Serdar Guzel, Erkan Bostanci, Iman Askerzade
2020 IEEE Access  
Recognition of human actions in partially cluttered environments is an important research field of computer vision and human-computer interaction. This field has recently garnered attention from a large number of academic researchers in various fields of application. This study proposes a novel deep-learningbased architecture for the recognition and prediction of human actions based on a hybrid model. The main contribution of this study is to propose a new hybrid architecture, integrating four
more » ... ide-ranging pre-trained network models in an optimized manner, using a metaheuristic algorithm. This architecture consists of four main stages: namely, the creation of the data set, the design of deep neural network (DNN) architecture, training and optimization of the proposed DNN architecture, and evaluation of the trained DNN. By adapting the aforementioned architecture, reliable features are obtained for the training procedure. In order to validate the superiority of the proposed architecture over other state-of-the-art studies, a performance evaluation between these architectures is presented using benchmark datasets. The results reveal that the proposed architecture outperforms previously developed architectures in terms of predicting human actions.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2997962 fatcat:ig7lvhlpjvbmzmn7yqtvvvbcku