Absolute Calibration and Beam Background of the Squid Polarimeter [report]

M. Blaskiewicz, P. Cameron, Ya. S. Derbenev, A. Luccio, D. A. Goldberg, F. G. Mariam, T. Shea, M. J. Syphers, N. Tsoupas
1996 unpublished
RECEI\IED JAN 0 2 1997 The problem of beam background in Squid Polarimetry is not without residual O S T I benefits. We may deliberately generate beam background by gently kicking the beam at the spin tune frequency. This signal may be used to accomplish a simple and accurate absolute calibration of the polarimeter. We present details of beam background calculations and their application to polarimeter calibration, and suggest a simple proof-of-principle accelerator experiment.
doi:10.2172/1119509 fatcat:d3to5jke7jcgvn7ta2mm2pm5c4