Characterization of a logarithmic spike timing encoding scheme for a 4×4 tin oxide gas sensor array

Kwan Ting Ng, Bin Guo, Amine Bermak, Dominique Martinez, Farid Boussaid
2009 2009 IEEE Sensors  
In this paper, the performance of a logarithmic spike timing encoding scheme for gas sensor is analyzed. Utilizing the non-linear (power law) relationship between tin oxide (SnO2) gas sensor sensitivity and gas concentration, we designed and fabricated a time domain readout circuit for a 4×4 SnO2 gas sensor array. A unique pattern is generated by the readout scheme for each gas, irrespective of the gas concentration. This pattern is used as the signature of the gas. Gas identification is
more » ... ification is achieved by matching the generated signature with pre-stored reference signatures. The design was implemented in standard CMOS technology. Reported experimental results demonstrate the fabricated gas sensor exhibits the detection accuracy comparable to computationally expensive classifiers. 978-1-4244-5335-1/09/$26.00 ©2009 IEEE
doi:10.1109/icsens.2009.5398548 fatcat:xoxp4zsfn5e3nesaroxj7bgnay