LMI Criteria for Admissibility and Robust Stabilization of Singular Fractional-Order Systems Possessing Poly-Topic Uncertainties

Xuefeng Zhang, Jia Dong
2020 Fractal and Fractional  
The issue of robust admissibility and control for singular fractional-order systems (FOSs) with polytopic uncertainties is investigated in this paper. Firstly, a new method based on linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) is presented to solve the admissibility problems of uncertain linear systems. Then, a solid criterion of robust admissibility and a corresponding state feedback controller are derived, which overcome the conservatism of the existing results. Finally, for the sake of demonstrating
more » ... of demonstrating the validity of proposed results, some relevant examples are provided.
doi:10.3390/fractalfract4040058 fatcat:kl4lerrdyreyvc23dhltwge6ye