Field-induced inversion of chirality in SmCPAphases of new achiral bent-core mesogens

Wolfgang Weissflog, Ulrike Dunemann, Martin W. Schröder, Siegmar Diele, Gerhard Pelzl, Horst Kresse, Siegbert Grande
2005 Journal of Materials Chemistry  
Fig. S1 (ESI) Schematic representation of the organisation of bent-core molecules in adjacent layers of tilted polar smectic phases (SmCP). The smectic layers are perpendicular to the drawing plane. The subscripts S and A after C designate synclinic and anticlinic interlayer correlation, respectively. The subscripts A and F after P indicate whether the SmCP is antiferroelectric or ferroelectric. The symbols ( and ) correspond to opposite bent direction of the molecules, that means, to opposite
more » ... means, to opposite polar axes. Different colours (blue or red) of the molecule symbols indicate different layer chirality.
doi:10.1039/b415513k fatcat:6brtwputa5fanlzpixvsw5twli