Dina Ghazal, Samir Koheil, Marwa Mehesen
2020 Alexandria dental journal : ADJ  
Good sealing ability is a significant physical property of different dental restorative materials. Recently, A new generation has been developed that is termed bioactive, or 'smart,' one of them is Activa that is claimed to have good sealing ability and it is the concern of this research. Objectives: This study evaluated the microleakage of a smart bioactive material (Activa bio-active restorative) and compared it to the bulk-fill composite resin (Tetric ® N-Ceram). ii Alexandria Dental Journal
more » ... dria Dental Journal Volume XX. Issue X Materials and methods: The study included two groups, according to the material used; Group A: Activa (Pulpdent), Group B: Tetric ® N-Ceram Bulk-Fill (Ivoclar-Vivadent). The microleakage test was assessed by a bacterial leakage test on 20 extracted premolar teeth 10 for each group. Group A was filled with Activa from the sub-pulpal wall to the occlusal surface that was adjusted for 4mm; the same procedure was performed for group B using the Tetric ® N-Ceram. The bacterial leakage of all specimens was assessed in a microbiological laboratory test in two-chamber bacterial models; the upper chambers are Falcon tubes while the lower chambers are Glass test tubes. The filled teeth were fixed in the upper Falcon tubes. Bacterial leakage was observed as turbidity in the lower chambers. The day of the observation and number of teeth demonstrating bacterial leakage were recorded for each material and the leaked bacteria were counted by a quantitative culture through the serial dilution method. Results: It was found that Activa showed turbidity in 9 out of ten samples, while Tetric N-Ceram showed turbidity in 8 out of ten samples. Regarding the frequency of bacterial penetration and serial dilution, there were no significant differences between Activa and Tetric N-Ceram. Results were statistically analyzed using independent sample t-test, paired t-test, and chi-square test. Conclusion: These findings nominate Activa as a restorative material comparable to nanohybridcomposite regarding their sealing ability.
doi:10.21608/adjalexu.2020.21395.1031 fatcat:kuhjeauyebejxlq6wawkd22zp4