Platelets Play a Central Role in Sensitization to Allergen

Richard T. Amison, Simon J. Cleary, Yanira Riffo-Vasquez, Maidda Bajwa, Clive P. Page, Simon C. Pitchford
2018 American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology  
Platelets play a central role in sensitization to allergen. Abstract 35 Background: Platelet activation occurs in patients with allergic inflammation, and platelets can 36 be activated directly by allergen via an IgE-dependent process. Platelets have been shown to 37 activate antigen-presenting cells (APCs) such as CD11c + dendritic cells (DCs) in vitro. Whilst 38 CD11c + DCs are requisite for allergen sensitization, the role of platelets in this process is 39 unknown. 40 Objectives: We
more » ... ectives: We investigated whether platelets were necessary for allergen sensitization. 41 Methods: Balb/c mice sensitised to ovalbumin (OVA), were exposed to subsequent aerosolized 42 allergen (OVA challenge). We analysed lung CD11c + cell activation, co-localization with 43 platelets, and some other indices of inflammation. The role of platelets at the time of allergen 44 sensitization was assessed through platelet depletion experiments restricted to the period of 45 sensitization. 46 Results: Platelets co-localized with airway CD11c + cells, and this association increased after 47 3 Conclusion: Platelets are necessary for efficient host sensitization to allergen. This propagates 56 the subsequent inflammatory response during secondary allergen exposure, and increases 57 platelet association with airway CD11c + cells. 58 59
doi:10.1165/rcmb.2017-0401oc pmid:29365287 fatcat:md6dj42xfngfdjlyctz4macfw4