Maximum Credible Earthquake Ground Motions with Focus on Site Amplification due to Deep Subsurface

T. Nagao
2021 Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research  
Since an Earthquake Ground Motion (EGM) is amplified from the propagation through the ground, different models are required for each ground type in the seismic design of structures. While the shallow subsurface indicators are used for the classification of ground types, a deep subsurface has a significant impact on the amplification of the EGMs. This study discusses the maximum credible EGMs for seismic design reflecting seismic amplification due to deep subsurface. The design spectra,
more » ... n spectra, reflecting the site amplification factor of the target location, are presented by the calculation of the EGMs with the same source and path characteristics and different site amplification factors as recent major Japanese earthquake records have shown, from the perspective of establishing the maximum credible EGMs that may occur in the future at a target site. The present design spectra, which are based on the natural period of a shallow subsurface, are compared with those based on the site amplification factors, considering the effect of deep subsurfaces. Although there are almost no differences in the design spectra with the present design methods according to the surface ground type, the proposed method provides significantly different design spectra for each site amplification factor.
doi:10.48084/etasr.3991 fatcat:i5c2xxppqnczdbyfxmn76tlb4u