Varieties of Metacognition in Natural and Artificial Systems [chapter]

Aaron Sloman
2011 Metareasoning  
Some AI researchers aim to make useful machines, including robots. Others aim to understand general principles of information-processing machines with various kinds of intelligence, whether natural or artificial, including humans and human-like systems. They primarily address scientific and philosophical questions rather than practical goals. However, the tasks required to pursue scientific and engineering goals overlap, since both involve building working systems to test ideas and demonstrate
more » ... esults, and the conceptual frameworks and development tools needed for both overlap. This paper, partly based on philosophical analysis of requirements for robots in complex 3-D environments, surveys varieties of meta-cognition, drawing attention to requirements that drove biological evolution and which are also relevant to ambitious engineering goals. * Based on invited Paper for workshop on Metareasoning: Thinking about Thinking, AAAI'08, July 2008. A modified version of this was published in Cox and Raja (2011) , This version uses my preferred punctuation and section-numbers, and has a table of contents and other minor differences.
doi:10.7551/mitpress/9780262014809.003.0020 fatcat:5uh2tb43afhxre5ybukjiyslm4