Implementation of Slaving Data Processing Function for Mission Control System in Space Center
우주센터 발사통제시스템의 추적연동정보 처리기능 구현

Yong-Tae Choi, Sung-Woong Ra
2014 Journal of the Korea Industrial Information Systems Research  
In KSLV-I launch mission, real-time data from the tracking stations are acquired, processed and distributed by the Mission Control System to the user group who needed to monitor processed data for safety and flight monitoring purposes. The processed trajectory data by the mission control system is sent to each tracking system for target designation in case of tracking failure. Also, the processed data are used for decision making for flight termination when anomalies occur during flight of the
more » ... aunch vehicle. In this paper, we propose the processing mechanism of slaving data which plays a key role of launch vehicle tracking mission. The best position data is selected by predefined logic and current status after every available position data are acquired and pre-processed. And, the slaving data is distributed to each tracking stations through time delay is compensated by extrapolation. For the accurate processing, operation timing of every procesing modules are triggered by time-tick signal(25ms period) which is driven from UTC(Universial Time Coordinates) time. To evaluate the proposed method, we compared slaving data to the position data which received by tracking radar. The experiments show the average difference value is below 0.01 degree.
doi:10.9723/jksiis.2014.19.3.031 fatcat:7w55t4wczjgotmjcggtowytjmy