Estimation of Rainfall Rate Cumulative Distribution in Indonesia Using Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation Data

Rini Oktaviani, Marzuki .
2019 KnE Engineering  
Accurate estimation of cumulative distribution of rain rate with 1-minute integration time is required to predict the attenuation of electromagnetic wave in rain medium. The model which is provided by the International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) is the most commonly used model to estimate 1-min integrated rain rate statistics. This model needs mean yearly rainfall accumulation (Mt) and the probability of rain (P 0 ) as input which are originally derived from the
more » ... derived from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) ERA-40 Re-Analysis (ERA-40) data. In the current work, the use of Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP) data as input of ITU-R P.837-6 model was examined. The GSMaP data have better spatial and temporal resolutions than ERA-40. It was found that Mt and P 0 values from GSMaP data are closer to Mt and P 0 obtained from rain gauge than that of ITU-R model. One-min rain rate estimated by modified ITU-R model was compared with the rain gauge data at Kototabang, and DBSG3 data for Bandung and with the value reported by previous studies. The use of Mt and P 0 derived from GSMaP data for the ITU-R model input provides similar distribution of 1-min rain rate with the rain gauge data at Kototabang especially for percentage times of less than 0.01%, while for percentage times more than 0.01%, ITU-R with default input provides closer distribution to rain gauge data.
doi:10.18502/keg.v1i2.4450 fatcat:dj262niknnaufcvnru6kcq3sk4