Proton capture reactions on 116Sn and 118Sn relevant to the p process

A. Spyrou, A. Lagoyannis, Ch. Zarkadas, G. Perdikakis, S. Galanopoulos, P. Demetriou, S. Harissopulos, M. Fey, R. Kunz, J. W. Hammer, Η. W. Becker, C. Rolfs
2019 HNPS Proceedings  
The proton capture reaction cross sections on 116Sn and 118Sn have been determined at astrophysically relevant energies by means of activation, 7-ray angular distribution and angle-integrated 7-flux measurements. The results of the present work together with those obtained in previous measurements are compared to the predictions of the Hauser-Feshbach theory.
doi:10.12681/hnps.2252 fatcat:v427p23oajhyvpj26sm7omlvcq