Fuzzy sliding mode control of a doubly fed induction generator for wind energy conversion

A. Meroufel, Y. Djerriri, E. Bounadja
2013 Carpathian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering  
In this paper we present a nonlinear control using fuzzy sliding mode for wind energy conversion system based on a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) supplied by an AC-AC converter. In the first place, we carried out briefly a study of modeling on the whole system. In order to control the power flowing between the stator of the DFIG and the grid, a proposed control design uses fuzzy logic technique is applied for implementing a fuzzy hitting control law to remove completely the chattering
more » ... nomenon on a conventional sliding mode control. The use of this method provides very satisfactory performance for the DFIG control, and the chattering effect is also reduced by the fuzzy mode. The machine is tested in association with a wind turbine. Simulations results are presented and discussed for the whole system.
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