Construction of the Morphological Structure Model of Overground Part of Naturally-Colored Cotton in Alaer Reclamation Area in Xinjiang

Zhenqi Fan
2018 Journal of Computers  
According to the main characteristics of naturally-colored cotton morphological structure, its topological structure is summed up into a combination of four kinds of metamer. The growth cycle is taken as the measure to use the automata and state transfer mechanisms to establish the order of occurrence of each metamer and the topology connection relationship between them, and the variation of the topological structure of the cotton plant at each discrete time point is shown. Studies have shown
more » ... at the occurrence speed of the main stem metamer is 0.0225°C -1 ·d -1 , and the average growth cycle required for the emergence of the fruiting branch metamer is i+2*j-3 ( i is the fruiting branch number, and j is the number of the fruiting branch metamer on the fruiting branch). At the same time, the growth of the internode organs in the metamer is expressed as a continuous function of the effective accumulated temperature after the occurrence of the metamer, and the geometric parameters of the leaf and cotton boll are correlated with its biomass, and a model combining the dispersion and the continuity is established to realize the continuous simulation of morphological structure of cotton plants. The root mean square errors (RMSE) of the simulation value and measured value of the length and diameter of the internodes of the main stem, the length of the internodes of the fruiting branches, the length and width of the leaves, and the diameter and length of the cotton bolls under the sample sizes of 40, 40, 40, 100, 100, 30, 30 are 1.16cm, 0.27cm, 1.05cm, 1.84cm, 3.06cm, 0.23cm, and 0.21cm, which can reflect the occurrence of the morphological structure of the cotton plants more accurately, laying the foundation for constructing the function-structure model of naturally-colored cotton.
doi:10.17706/jcp.13.12.1432-1441 fatcat:lom5ulaayfd5fcgnfou6ei57cq